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Eddie Rosario to undergo a laser eye procedure

This...could explain a lot

Atlanta Braves v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Eddie Rosario has been awful this season after a legendary postseason and a long track record of being a pretty good player, somewhat mysteriously. The Braves announced on Monday night that Eddie Rosario will need a laser eye procedure to correct blurry vision and eye swelling after seeing a retinal specialist, which would at least partially explain his performance so far this season.

It must be mentioned that Carlos Baerga broke this news first on his Instagram account. There is no confirmed timeline on Rosario’s recovery at the moment.

Rosario has been quite possibly the worse player in baseball this season, which would be extremely out of character with the rest of his eight season major league career. While it is important to note that we don’t know when these eye issues began for Eddie, if they have been present for the entire season, it would go a long way to explain how horrid Eddie has been at the plate and some of the almost inexplicable defensive gaffes in the outfield. Obviously we all hope that Eddie can recovery fully and quickly and get back closer to his career baseline as a player at the very least once he’s back.

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