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Braves Season Predictions: How many games will Atlanta win in 2022?

Our season preview series continues with our picks for how many games the Braves will win in 2022

World Series - Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros - Game Five Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Our season predictions roundtable continues with our picks for how many games the Atlanta Braves will win in 2022. Be sure to check out our previous entries for position player MVP and pitching MVP.

How many games will the Braves win in 2022?

Kris: It feels like we have been saying it for a while now, but the NL East should really be better in 2022. Still, I think this Braves team is built for success and will win their fifth straight division title with 93 wins.

Eric: I’ll guess 95 with low confidence in that guess. One of the best bullpens and lineups in the entire league with what should be a decent to good rotation goes a long way. It is worth mentioning, though, that the NL East should be good although the quality of the Mets’ and Phillies’ rosters, to me at least, does not match how much they are paying for them as both teams have real warts. The Marlins should be decent but they don’t have the bats to keep up. The Nationals should be quite bad. I expect the Braves to win the East fairly comfortably and have a real shot to run it back.

Stephen: Until one of the other NL East teams shows some capability in competing for an entire season, I’m going to assume it’s Atlanta’s division to run. They easily have the most complete roster of the group and something like 98 wins feels attainable. I’ll slightly take the under and go with a 96-66 record for an easy division win.

Ivan: I think 88-94 is the range, and while the safer money is probably on the upper end there (say, 92), I think we’re in for another season with maybe a bit more randomness than usual – shortened Spring Training, the reprise of the ridiculous extra inning rule, and perhaps a weird Trade Deadline as teams try to adjust to the reality of an expanded playoff, so if forced to pick, I’d go with 90, as the randomness works out against the Braves’ favor as one of the more talented teams in MLB.

DJourn: I have a lot of concerns about their position player depth - especially on the infield where a significant injury could lead to a less-than-ideal replacement. You can never have enough pitching - especially in the rotation - where there are enough question marks to give me pause. I think 90 wins +/- 3 games is the most likely outcome. The East is always interesting and with the Mets and Phillies doing Mets and Phillies things this offseason and the Marlins looking to be better on paper, it should prove to be a competitive division race.

Brad: 94-68. I think this year’s team is better than last year’s team, largely because Ronnie projects to play more games and the bullpen appears to be preposterous. This isn’t a flawless roster with the questions at the back of the rotation, etc., but I’m leaning over on the Vegas over/under (91-ish).

Demetrius: I don’t think they’re gonna win 100 games but I think they’ll take a really good crack at it. Let’s go ahead and say 95, which should be good enough to win the NL East – whether they need every single win they can get or if the Mets and Phillies continue to be the Mets and the Phillies.

Scott: The division looks tough, but don’t let that sway you too much. The AL East housed four 90-win teams just a year ago. I’ll say the Braves win their fifth division in a row with a 93-69 mark.

Cassidy: I will echo the group that the division will be tough but the Braves are deeper and better defensively as well. 92 wins

Daniel: I think this is a very good roster and I have a lot of faith in the organizational structure at the moment, so I’ll go with 94 wins.

Wayne: This team is better than last year. I’ll set my over/under at 97, leaning towards the over.