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Kyle Wright gets the ball as Braves host Red Sox

After getting a couple extra days of rest, Kyle Wright is back on the mound and ready to keep his good 2022 campaign rolling.

Following a successful home series against the Brewers, Atlanta’s homestand continues on with today’s game starting off a quick two-game series against the Boston Red Sox.

As mentioned in the series preview, the Red Sox have gotten off to a pretty slow start this season. The three danger men of Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts, and J.D. Martinez have definitely come out swinging but other than that, it’s been tough sledding for the rest of Boston’s hitters. As much as it seems like the Braves have stumbled out of the gate this season, they’ve at least made it to the league average number of 100 wRC+ as a team. The Red Sox are currently at 79 wRC+ as a unit, which is currently only ahead of the Oakland Athletics and the Cincinnati Reds — two teams who you absolutely do not want to be associated with here in 2022.

As you could imagine, this is setting up real nicely for Kyle Wright to have another good night. Despite not having his best stuff over his past two starts, Wright has managed to go seven innings in each of his past two starts — giving up just one run against the Cubs and managing to limit the damage to just three runs against the Mets. With that being said, I’m feeling pretty confident that this is a blip on the radar for Wright and he’s got a golden chance tonight to take advantage of a lineup that has been having some real trouble at the plate this season.

Kyle Wright has also got a bit of success in the past against this team. Now usually, I wouldn’t take too much from a game that happened two seasons ago. With that being said, Boston still has a lot of familiar faces on their team who were there back in 2020 and back then, Kyle Wright made a pretty decent start against the Red Sox. Wright made it into the seventh inning with just two runs allowed — one of those was a home run from Jackie Bradley Jr. and no, I’m not lying. So the good news is that Kyle Wright does have a bit of success in the past against the Red Sox and hopefully that translates into success here in the present.

Meanwhile, Boston will be leaning on Garrett Whitlock as their starter tonight and he’s been pretty solid after being moved from the bullpen to the rotation. Whitlock racked up seven strikeouts over four innings against Tampa Bay back on April 23 and he’ll be coming into this game after a start where he struck out nine batters over five innings against the Angels, with only two hits and two runs allowed. Both of those outings are no small feat — especially considering that the Angels and the Rays are both currently among the top offensive teams in baseball right now according to wRC+. Garrett Whitlock figures to be a pretty formidable foe on the mound and could very well be a handful for Braves batters to deal with at the plate tonight.

Despite Boston’s current record, this should still be a hard fought game. The Red Sox have a few players who are underperforming compared to what’s expected of them and this would be a pretty lame time for them to wake up. Hopefully Kyle Wright can continue to keep things going in the right direction by holding Boston’s lineup at bay this evening. The other hope is that Atlanta’s starting nine can figure out a way to do serious damage against Garrett Whitlock. This game could end up being a pitcher’s duel but if the wheels do end up falling off for the pitchers, then I would still like the Braves’ chances in this one.

Game Info

Game Date/Time: Tuesday, May 10, 7:20 p.m. ET

Location: Truist Park, Atlanta, Georgia

TV: Bally Sports Southeast, TBS (out-of-market only)


Radio: 680 AM / 93.7 FM The Fan