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MLB Pipeline projects RHP Gabriel Hughes to Braves in latest mock draft

We are in the thick of mock draft season now with the Braves connected with a college arm.

MLB: OCT 09 NL Division Series - Braves at Brewers Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022 MLB Draft is just a couple of months away and we are now officially in the thick of the mock draft season. While most previous mocks were just cute ways of sites using their own draft prospect rankings with a dash of teams’ past draft inclinations to create content, we are now likely to start seeing names genuinely connected to the Braves and we should be able to get a sense of how the first round is going to shake out.

Case in point: the good folks over at MLB Pipeline posted their latest mock Wednesday night and they have the Braves taking an interesting college arm in Gabriel Hughes.

The top of the first round is expected to be position player heavy and that is largely due to so many of the top arms in the draft getting hurt this year. That does mean that the Braves should have plenty of options amongst the existing arms in the class and Hughes is a good one. He features a 6’4 frame, a mid-90’s fastball that some think could go significantly higher with the right adjustments in pro ball, and a slider and changeup that he has feel for. Pipeline notes that the Braves have been connected to a number of college pitchers with Justin Campbell and Thomas Harrington getting special mention. That tracks with what we have been hearing as well, although a play for one of the top end guys that went down with Tommy John surgery is most certainly not out of the question.