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Braves News: Extra innings struggles, contender or pretender status, plus more

Atlanta cannot take advantage of good efforts from its starting staff over the weekend.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The “runner on second rule to begin extras” idea seemed like it would be a polarizing addition to baseball from the beginning. While the idea to shorten games during the pandemic had some logic, it also appeared to be too much of a change to how the game was played. It also has not been a kind experience for the Braves over the past few years.

The Braves are now 7-14 in such games since 2020, with plenty of struggles at the plate and the mound. Though the Braves have approached this extra innings setup with multiple strategies over the past few years, they simply have not found consistent success. Hopefully, as the 2022 season progresses, Atlanta will be able to avoid extra innings situations as much as possible.

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