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Braves News: Offensive struggles making history, Dylan Lee returns to Atlanta, more

As a whole, this Braves offense is struggling at a level rarely seen in recent team history.

MLB: World Series-Atlanta Braves at Houston Astros Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports

For only the fifth time since 1990, the Atlanta Braves offense as a whole is producing an OPS under .700 this far into a season. A few major reasons for the struggles have been bad luck and a bad ball (offense remains down across the majors), but entering Monday’s game, the Braves were 15th in the league in team OPS. Through this point of the season in 2019, they were 7th. In 2021, they were 9th. The main takeaway is Atlanta having a league average offense is not a trend that will help this season turn around if it continues.

Ronald Acuna Jr.’s impact being more consistent should help things, as should the Braves best bats finding some success. The Braves had two good games against the Marlins to earn two wins out of three contests over the weekend. Perhaps they can find the same success over the next three games against the Phillies.

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