How much are the International sanctions hurting the braves?

The braves international sanction lasted from 2019 to 2021 and lost payers from the 2018 window. Those players usually take 4-5 years to arrive in the major leagues. That means the window when the impact of the sanctions would be felt would last from now until around 2024. This has shown in the braves farm system which is becoming lacking in impact talent and on the field with a lack of depth.

I have always wondered what the braves can do about it?

It seems like the strategy was to sign players to long-term deals and attempt to hold the window open for that time until the system becomes deeper by spending money on free agents, But that has not worked?

My questions to you as the reader would be simply, What is next for the raves?

Is it a mini-rebuild or is it a full rebuild?

I would say it must be a full rebuild, but I hope i am wrong. I want to hear what others think.

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