2022 MLB Early Draft Talk

The Braves pick up a comp pick for Freeman, so that's a boon to the draft pool. Last year they had 5th worst draft pool. This year, they have approximately $1.69M more (~$8M), but that's still the lower half. Only the Phillies, in the same division, have a lower pool. Orioles have the most at $16M, which is the most since the DBacks back in 2019.

Mock Drafts: - Blade Tidwell, RHP, Tennessee

Prospects Live - Jett Williams, SS, Rockwell-Heath Williams

Baseball America - Cade Doughty, 3B, Louisiana State

Who could be available:

Cade Doughtey - Avg exit velos, but is a good hitter. Probably a second baseman long term. Not super interested.

Blade Tidwell - Sat out a good chunk of the season with shoulder soreness. That makes me want to avoid him, but he is really talented. Has the talent to go higher if he finishes out the season strong.

Landon Sims - TJS - If not for the injury, he'd not be available. One of the best FB/SL combos in college. FB can hit upper 90's. He's a bit under sized, so heavy reliever risk. I'd be a pass, but love the arm.

Connor Prielipp - TJS - Another injury that likely makes him available. A lefty with a good FB/SL combo. FB is a sinker that mid 90's. A bit undersized too. I'd be a pass.

Hunter Barco - TJS - Was having a great year until the injury, setting career bests in BB9 and K/9. He's firmly in the Carson Whisenhunt bucket of high floor/low ceiling type. He's not flashy, but just gets the job done. I just think there are better players around 20, even injured ones.

Jud Fabian - Had some down years and struggles with strikeouts. Has improved his swing and having a great year. He's walked more than struck out, and the K-rate is under 20%. He's probably not going to be a gold glover, so there's more pressure on the bat. I love the changes. Could be real good if you believe the swing changes are for real.

Kumar Rocker - Huge question marks on what he's been up to and if he's healthy. He's got a FB that's typically around 94, but can get to upper 90's regularly. His slider is ++. There's some command issues and health as he dealt with dead arm a couple of times. I would still love Kumar Rocker, but just depends on medicals.

Jett Williams (prep) - An undersized player, but is in the top 90% (percentile rankings) for arm, exit velo, speed. Know nothing about him so can't say. He is listed as a SS, so good prep SS don't last long.

Gabriel Hughes - Having a monster year for Gonzaga. He's got the size you want and a power pitcher that's mid to upper 90's. Secondaries are coming along, but nothing flashes plus.

Probably dreaming:

Justin Crawford (prep) - son of Carl Crawford. 99% 60 yd time, 86% exit velo. Most mocks have him outside of top 20 still. Probably my #1 choice right now, but he could be floated down by teams with more $.

Jackson Ferris (prep) - 6'4" lefty that's been up to 97 mph. Flashes a good curve and change.

Dylan Lesko (prep) - TJS - Even with the injury, he is still likely out of reach. Has one of the best change-ups in the class to go along with a plus FB that's mid 90's. A bit undersized.

Brock Porter (prep) - FB tops out at 99 and has a plus change. Has ideal size too.

Cam Collier - pure hitter that's been tearing up JUCO. Has a strong arm and could stick at 3B.

Crazy thought:

Ben Joyce - He's been up to 104 mph and averaging 101 for Tennessee. He's already had TJS (2020) so he doesn't have much of a college track record. He's a big guy at 6'5". He's only pitched in relief this year as he returned from injury, but has been overpowering, and he's walked just 6 in 21 innings. You want crazy, take the guy with the best fastball, save money and get some prep players in the early to mid rounds. It's a deep draft so take advantage.

Let me know some of your favorites or possible hidden gems.

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