Who gets left off the end of the year pitching roster?

At some point during this year there will simply be too many MLB ready pitchers on the 40-man roster

Mike Soroka, Kirby Yates and Jay Jackson all have a good chance of being back at some point this year. Jackson is the only 1 with a minor league option left but must remain on the 40-man roster. Colin McHugh is also currently on the 40-man roster either but is on the Covid list.

If my math is right that is 4 pitchers that will need spots.

Morton, Jensen, Smith are 3 locks to be on the 25-man roster (if not major injury). They also can not be sent down.

Fried, Wright, Anderson, Strider, Minter are 5 more locks on the 25-man roster (if not major injury). Can be sent down.

That is 8 of the 13 pitchers which will be required when MLB decides to implement that. If they do not implement that new rule our pitching staff will stay at 14.

Jackson Stephens, Darren O'Day, and Jesse Chavez are on the 25-man roster and must stay or get DFAed (released).

Jesus Cruz, Dylan Lee and Jacob Webb are currently on 25-man roster but may get sent down.

That is 14 pitchers on the 25-man roster.

Matzak is injured but is on the 40-man roster and will have to be added to the 25-man roster when ready.

Kyle Muller, Bryce Elder, and Tucker Davidson are on the 40-man but in AAA. I dont see them getting dropped off the roster unless are traded.

Huascar Ynoa, Touki Toussaint and William Woods are likely staying on the 40-man. They also have every little trade capital. I would say they are not good enough to trade but not bad enough to DFA (release).

Brooks Wilson is an interesting player because he has not played all year but still taking a 40-man roster spot. Played OK last year in Atlanta in limited action.

Freddy Tarnok and Alan Rangel are in AA and have had above average years in a hitter friendly league.

The Braves only have 4 position players on the 40-man in the minor leagues and 1 may have to be added to the 25-man roster if or when MLB requires it.

Eddie Rosario will need to be added to the 40-man and the 25-man.

I assume the Braves will not DFA more that one of the position players.

Who do you think will be DFAed when Collin McHugh is ready in a week or 2?

I have not heard a time frame on Jay Jackson's return but I hear he is more depth.

IMO Jay Jackson stays on the 60-day IL and gets a good tryout next year.

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