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Game Thread 6/20/22: Braves vs. Giants

It’s ring night for this guy

Tonight figures to be a pretty eventful night at the ballpark. The Braves are back home and playing some pretty good baseball, it’s Dale Murphy bobblehead night at the stadium, a tough team is coming into town and Joc Pederson is coming with them. That’s the same Joc Pederson who had grown men wearing pearls during Atlanta’s run to the World Series title last season and tonight, Pederson will be receiving another pearl. This one will be embedded in his World Series ring, and I’m sure he’s also going to receive a rousing ovation tonight.

With that being said, I wish Pederson all the luck in the world up until the first pitch of tonight’s game is thrown. After that, hopefully we see the Braves take the Giants out to the woodshed this evening.

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