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Braves News: Joc Pederson returns to Atlanta, Orlando Arcia delivers walk-off win, plus more

The Braves got of to a great start during a critical home stand.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Atlanta Braves Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Without a doubt, this week carries plenty of significance for the Braves. For one, it will be a stark contrast to their past month of opposition as the Braves will be playing two teams who are clearly in the playoff mix for the National League like Atlanta. However, it will also be a fun week for the Braves fan base due to a few awesome returns of former Braves.

Obviously, there will be plenty discussed about Freddie Freeman’s return to Atlanta on Friday. However, Joc Pederson’s return to Atlanta to receive his World Series ring garnered plenty of excitement Monday night. While Pederson was only with the Braves for a few months, his impact was undeniable. Along with his huge hits and home runs during the stretch run of the season and the postseason, his connection with the team and fan base was incredible. From pearl necklaces to wine clubs, Pederson clearly brought an added fun factor to the Braves that made the whole World Series run even better.

The impact Pederson made on the Braves and their fans last year was incredible. As for tonight, it was also a lot of fun to see Pederson not make a play on the game winning hit off the bat of Orlando Arcia. In a game where both the offense and bullpen struggled, it was fun to see the Braves find a way to win.

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