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Road to Atlanta Podcast: 2022 Braves Draft Day Two Recap

The Braves swiped a few intriguing players in the middle rounds, including a solid prep arm

Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Hello everyone this is R2A2, our second installment of the Road to Atlanta in as many days. We hope you didn’t miss us much on our less-than-24 hour hiatus and I hope you’re ready to hear more gab about the 2022 MLB Draft. The Atlanta Braves had seven selections on day two of the draft. Eric Cole, Garrett Spain, and Matt Powers are here to break them down with you and look forward to day three of the draft.

The Braves didn’t select anyone here that we believe is a significant over slot, but they added a deep pool of talent. The sixth and seventh round pitchers Seth Keller and Adam Maier were the most interesting arms of the day, while third and fourth rounders Drake Baldwin and David McCabe are big power bats with unclear defensive homes. Join us today as we discuss these picks and which ones stand out most to us. Also join us tomorrow as we’ll have one more full draft recap after day three of the draft.

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