Braves Trade Deadline Targets: Washington Nationals

With the Trade Deadline just a few days away, I've decided to go team by team to look at some trades that could make sense for the Braves. Let me know in the comments below what you think.

Washington Nationals(34-65, 0.0% Playoff Odds)

The Nationals are very out of a playoff spot and they've got a few guys that I think would be very interesting for the Braves. Also I am not going to include Juan Soto cause I just don't think it makes sense for the Braves to gut their already weak farm system plus some while also having to pay $500+ million for him.

Braves Get: RP Carl Edwards Jr., and 2B Cesar Hernandez

Nationals Get: SP Adam Shoemaker

I think this would be a really good and cheap trade that would take care of the 2nd base hole and give some more depth to the back end of our bullpen. Carl Edwards Jr. has been having one of the better years of his career this year with a 2.95/2.86/3.88/3.64 ERA/xERA/FIP/xFIP slashline. Last year he actually pitched some of the year with the Braves but was really bad with a 11.12 ERA albeit over just 5.2 IP, and he hasn't pitched over 17 IP since 2018, which was really his last effective year as injuries and non-effectiveness have caused the lack of innings from him. But he's finally gotten an opportunity to pitch for a bad Washington team and one thing that he's said he's tried to do better this year is not nibbling at the plate which has helped him be more efficient. If you look at his statcast numbers he's in the top 15% in EV, xBA, xSLG, HH%, xwOBA, xERA, Barrel%, and Fastball Spin. He's also started throwing a changeup again to get hitters off his fastball and curveball which are also way more effective then in previous years. I think this would be a really great guy to get, because along with his effectiveness and 2 years of control, he also has a lot of playoff experience with the Cubs so he wouldn't be new to this.

Cesar Hernandez is definitely not a very exciting guy but he would add to our second base depth and he's hitting .303 vs southpaws so he could go along with Orlando Arcia to hit vs lefties. As for Adam Shoemaker, he is the Braves 22nd ranked prospect per, and he has a really interesting profile. Shoemaker is a 19 year old 6'6 LHP who was drafted by the Braves in the 11th round last year. There are a lot of unknowns about his future, but there is definitely a lot of upside with this kid, he has a low to mid 90s fastball, a solid mid 80s slider, and a changeup. He hasn't pitched very well in the Braves minor leagues but I think he would be the perfect coinflip prospect to give to the Nats in return for Edwards Jr. and Hernandez.

Braves Get: Either RP Kyle Finnegan or RP Steve Cishek, probably along with Hernandez

Nationals Get: Low level high upside prospect like Shoemaker

Kyle Finnegan and Steve Cishek are two other low cost relievers that the Braves could target and maybe package them with Hernandez. Finnegan is probably the more preferable out of the two as he has 2 more years of control after this year, while Cishek is a free agent. Finnegan has pitched to a very solid 3.66/3.40/4.19/3.12 slashline over 39.1 IP, with 3 saves. The thing that concerns me about Finnegan though is that he has given up some of the hardest contact in baseball with a 91.6 EV and 50.5% HH% which are both in the bottom 2% of baseball, but somehow that hasn't seemed to effect him to much as hitter just have a .222 xAVG and .289 xwOBA, but still I would at least be somewhat concerned about negative regression for him. Cishek is a lot older then Edwards Jr. and Finnegan at 36 but has pitched to an okay 3.92/4.15/4.16/3.96 slashline but he has pitched a lot better in pretty much every year of his career so there is a chance that could get better. Cishek hasn't given up a lot of hard contact and he's having his highest SO% since 2018 and lowest BB% since 2017, so I think he would also be a solid option while probably having to give up a lower trade return for him then the other two guys.

Let me know what you think of these below

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