Seeking help after Soto gets traded to win my son a special Topps parallel card

So, yesterday my 12-year old used some of his allowance savings & bought one of those Topps 2022 Series 1 boxes that contains 16 packs. He's been clamoring for the Wander Franco rookie card. And...he got it in the 6th pack that he opened last night. He was thrilled. Bed time came about half way thru opening the packs. So, we opened the remaining packs this morning. By far the most interesting card he got this morning was a Juan Soto Home Run Challenge card. Here's a link to the website if anyone's curious:

Before entering the contest I'm going to wait until we know to what team Soto has been traded, because if the team he's traded to has an upcoming series in COL or maybe CIN, then a game in one of those stadiums will almost surely be our pick.

After Soto gets traded to his new team, then I'll enter the contest on his behalf & he wants to do the Double Down option for the chance to win a special parallel card. So, I'll be looking for the BP community to help me select the date on which Soto will hopefully hit a HR over 425 ft.

My initial research this morning shows Soto w/ 4 balls hit over 425 ft this season. They all came against RHP. 2 against 90 mph cutters & 2 against 93+ mph four-seamers. 3 of them came in Nationals park & 1 in Truist (poor Bryce Elder allowed the longest HR to Soto thus far this season). Back to my games in COL or CIN theory, he's hit 5 HRs in those cities this year, but none over 425 ft. So, there seems to be a lot of variables to consider here, but I think the stadium & the opposing SP are likely the two most important things, if I go in w/ the assumption that I choose a date when Soto isn't on the IL or getting a day off.

I'm hoping to use the comments section of this FanPost in order to capture the community's thoughts & suggestions. Thanks ahead of time to all who offer their help!

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