Chip Caray Bingo

Skip Caray was truly one of the game's all time great broadcasters. He was honest. He was entertaining. He was informative. Chip Caray is none of those things. For me, it'd be more likely to point to a name in a phonebook to be Skip Caray's son than who we actually got. While Chip is not entertaining or informative, he's also such a knee-jerk homer and a cheerleader for the organization that he really isn't honest in the true sense of the word. Chip's dad famously said things like "It's OK to walk the dog now, folks, if you promise to support our sponsors." A sentence like that is something Chip would never say because all at once it's honest, informative, and entertaining.

I'd say the worst of many things about Chip is that he brings down all the announcers around him. Jeff Francoeur was certainly better when he's been broadcasting nationally for TBS playoff games. Joe Simpson got miles better once he mercifully got to be free of Chip's incessant chatter and altogether dull commentary. I've heard Peter Moylan work radio broadcasts... and lo and behold he's much better when he's not broadcasting with you know who. Tom Glavine had a nice retirement gig in the booth but you could tell Tom just got tired Chip's dumb questions every night.

And of course, there's the complete lack of instinct he appears to have for the game and his decades of experience have made him no better. He's probably most notorious for getting loud for fly balls that outfielders catch after only making a few steps back on. I remember once he immediately called an Acuña fly ball a "pop up", even though it ended up being a home run. I'll give Chip this though, sometimes his excitement for a play does come through and feel like a nice complement to a game, but these are few and far between. A "highlight reel" for Chip could actually be made, but there are hours and hours and hours of his failings. Anyway, I'm actually going to enjoy his broadcast tonight because I'm going to see when and how I can get a BINGO from his play-by-play.

I give you the Chip Caray BINGO - a mix of his same entrenched topics he brings up every night - all while behind devoid of insight and entertainment. Play ball!

Mentions Alex Anthopoulous getting a lack of sleep

"beats the shift"

A 2nd factual error

Mentions his grandfather

"A B C baseball"

Use his dad's a ‘fan from X, Georgia' came away with that ball

"got to move the runner over here"

"Put the ball in play, good things will happen"


"looking for a goundball"

"The best he can do is make it a one run game"

"good eye"


"two strike approach"

A 3rd factual error

Gets loud for a flyball that doesn't even make it to the warning track



1st factual error

"instant reply has shown to be anything but"

Doesn't raise his voice for home run, thinking that it's just a lazy flyball

Ask color commentor about a time when he played for the Braves

"without the shift, that's an out"

Mentions his World Series ring

"goes the other way"

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