Sparhawk's 2022 Draft

Hey all. I think it's fun to look at how I would go about a draft vs the Braves. Overall, I'm pretty content with this year's draft, but that doesn't mean there aren't worries with spreading money out in an otherwise weak draft. I'd have rather put the money in a few higher caliber prospects with a focus on hitters. Why? I think the hit rate for hitters are better and they have more trade value.

This is just for fun and not to be taken seriously. The Braves have my deepest respects for their recent drafts, and I will trust the scouts as they've gotten a lot more right than wrong since AA has taken over. Also, the money would likely change where you are taking certain guys, but I can only go off what players ultimately agreed to for their signing bonuses. I have changed 9 total picks, including the first 7 picks in the draft. You can always refer to the Draft Pick Signing Tracker for the Braves draft picks.

Round 1, pick 20:

Drew Gilbert, OF, Tennessee (original pick was the Astros round 1, pick 28) - $2,500,000

Undersized, but the guy can flat out rake with high exit velos. Has speed and a good arm too.

Round CB-A, pick 35:

Justin Campbell, RHP, Oklahoma St (original pick was the Guardians CB-A, pick 37) - $1,700,000

Could be this year's Logan Gilbert pick. 6'7" RHP so there's likely a bit more velo to unlock, and has above avg curve and change-up to go along with solid control/command. He's a rare college pick with upside left.

Round 2, pick 57:

Ryan Cermak, SS, Illinois St (original pick was the Rays CB-B, pick 71) - $750,000

What a bargain for Cermak. Avg bat/power, but has carrying tools with plus speed, arm and defense. Earned a gold glove award this year in college too.

Comp round, pick 76:

Ben Joyce, RHP, Tennessee (original pick was the Angels in round 3, pick 89) - $997,500

This is a lottery type pick in that he could shoot up to the majors quickly or blow his arm out completely. For under $1M, it's worth the gamble on 100-105 mph.

Round 3, pick 96:

Brock Porter, RHP, St Mary's prep (HS) (original pick was the Rangers in round 4, pick 109) - $3,700,000

The prize of the draft. Pick up a top 15 arm in round 3. Plus plus FB, plus change-up and slider. Has the ideal body you'd want in a frontline starter at 6'4" 208 lbs.

Round 4, pick 125:

Dominic Keegan, 1B/C, Vanderbilt (original pick was the Rays in round 4, pick 134) - $397,500

At this point, you just want players with some kind of carrying tool. He has that with the bat. Might be all bat. Also, had a good Cape Cod, so can hit with a wood bat. A better version of Drew Lugbauer?

Round 5, pick 155:

Brett Johnson, OF, Southern Illinois (original pick was the Diamondbacks in round 10, pick 288) - $55,000

Cheapy sign to make the money work, but he did put up fantastic numbers this season with 23 HR and solid BB/K rates.

Round 6, pick 185:

Adrian Rodriguez, SS, Intl Baseball Academy (PR) (original pick was the Diamondbacks in round 8, pick 228)

An upside pick that didn't cost much. Has speed, arm and defense, but the bat is sus.

Round 7, pick 215:

Ben Mezinger, 3B, Louisville (original pick was the Brewers in round 7, pick 222) - $97,500

Another cheapy sign that is coming of a good season like Brett Johnson. 19 HRs and had more walks than strikeouts.

Round 13, pick 395:

Austin Charles, SS/RHP, Stockdale HS (original pick was the Royals in round 20, pick 595) - $429,500

The big signing after round 10. 2 way player that just has a lot of talent, but only just recently started to pitch. Very raw. 6'6" SS/RHP.

Round 14, pick 525:

Luke Franzoni, 1B/OF, Xavier (original pick was the Angels in round 19, pick 568) - $75,000

Only behind Ivan Melendez in HRs. Hit 29 bombs with a solid BB/K ratio.

Final amount (including Austin as he was above the $125K max) - $10,705,500

Braves final amount was $10,736,600

Let me know how you'd have re-worked the draft to fit your style?

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