Don't make the same mistake twice-Sign Dansby

When we lost Freddie last year, we lost in two ways. First, while Olson may be the better player over the next 8 years, Freddie was definitely the better player over the next 3 years. Secondly, he was the kind of player who made the other players around him better. Third, we made the Dodgers a lot better when they got him. So we not only lost on the difference between Freddie and Olson on our team, the dodgers got all of Freddie when they definitely needed a LH first baseman. The reason: Freddie's agents ticked off AA, and we lost our best chance to win another World Series over the next 3 years. Now the same thing could happen with Dansby. Turner will probably leave the Dodgers and they will try to reunite Dansby with Freddie. This would kill us by severely weakening our team and strengthening theirs. Grissom is a fine player, but he needs more seasoning in the minors. This also makes us much stronger if Dansby or Ozzi gets hurt, because you have an excellent player to bring up. If we want to get back to the World Series over the next 3 years, we need to resign Dansby.

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