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Braves @ Phillies GameThread: 9/23/2022

Jake Odorizzi vs. Aaron Nola

Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Braves have, at least by one measure, less than a 37 percent chance of winning this game. Those are their lowest odds for a single game on the season, and only the third game below 40 percent. They lost both of those other games. They probably won’t have a game with lower odds-to-win this year.

On the flip side, they somehow won the Jake Odorizzi-Aaron Nola matchup last week, so maybe lightning will strike twice. But, with no Ronald Acuña Jr. in the lineup, it’s a pretty tough test, especially since it was Acuña who hit the game-changing homer off Nola in the prior matchup.

Be aware that this game has a 7:05 pm ET start time, which is about 15 minutes earlier than yesterday.

The Mets begin play in Oakland at 9:40 pm ET, in case you were wondering. Okay I’ve tried to extend it to 150 words and have been unable to until this useless sentence. Sorry.

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