This off-season I want the Braves to go after Edwin Diaz

In my opinion the Braves will not bring back Charley Morton or Kenley Jensen so there is money available to make one BIG pitching free agent. I assume that Odorizzi will exorcise his player option or that the Braves will add a veteran starting pitcher. That makes a rotation of: Fried, Wright, Strider, Odorizzi/free agent, Muller/Elder/Ynoa/Anderson/Soroka/Freddy Tarnok/Darius Vines. I believe that we have enough MLB ready depth in the system for the rotation. I also see reluctance in AA to move any of these pitchers to the bullpen. I see Diaz as a long term top closer like a Mariano Rivera. have the Braves salary next year at just over $157MM. That is without Arb figures and without a shortstop unless Grissom moves there. In my opinion he is not ready for shortstop but I know there is a lot of people on the other side of this. has Diaz signing for around $15MM next year. I think it will be closer to $20MM. I want to give Diaz 4 years at $80MM.

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