BWBG appreciation thread

It's been a long time, far too long, since we, as a community, were regaled with stories of Bud Heavies and the 162-0 seasons to come (WOOOOOOO!).

I probably missed a post(s) somewhere along the way about when/why he left. But regardless, the comments section is less enjoyable without his supreme optimism on regular display.

The Mets have Frank the Tank, and his "the sky is falling" attitude.
The Phillies have, people that throw batteries.
The Nats have corporate doaners and people that care FAR more about the Washington Football team and (for some weird reason) hockey (for the record, I live in DC, this is a 100% accurate depiction of Nats "fans").
The Fish have, a fan, presumably.

And for a brief shining moment, the Braves had BWBG.

I hope you're enjoying a Bud Heavy (or 12)

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