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Offseason open thread, 1/23/2023

Freak snowstorm, Chip Caray is probably not leaving, etc.

Division Series - Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four Photo by Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images

We had an unscheduled snowstorm here today. I’m gonna have a fun time tomorrow, lemme tell ya.

In baseball news, ZiPS for the Braves is coming tomorrow:

It’s kinda what you expected, right? Left field sticks out like an inverted sore thumb. And yeah, no one thinks Arcia/Grissom will be that bad, which is something you can’t say about left field. It’s a nice bounceback for Olson on the graphic there; the Braves can really benefit from him putting up 4-5 wins instead of the 3.5ish he’s projected for by Steamer.

Trivia is maybe hard? Name the five players the Braves have rostered at any point from 1997-onward that at one point in their careers led the NL in homers. One is currently on the roster. (They did not have to lead the NL in homers while on the Braves.)

Separately, I just want to express the idea that this timeline is just not nice enough to us to have Chip Caray go broadcast for the Cardinals.

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