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MLB Draft Lottery to be held December 5 at Winter Meetings

The second annual MLB Draft Lottery will take place in Nashville at the Winter Meetings in December

2022 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The annual MLB Draft Lottery will be held at the Winter Meetings in Nashville on Tuesday, December 5. This will be the second year that the lottery system has been used after it was included in the new CBA with the hope of providing less incentive for teams to tank during the regular season. The lottery covers the first six picks of the draft and includes all non-playoff teams except the Washington Nationals.

Despite having the fifth worst record during the regular season, the Nationals are excluded because teams that pay revenue sharing dollars are not allowed to be selected in consecutive lotteries.

The Oakland Athletics, Kansas City Royals and Colorado Rockies will all enter the lottery with an 18.3 percent chance of landing the No. 1 overall pick.

Here is a full breakdown of the Draft Lottery odds:

Athletics: 18.3%
Royals: 18.3%
Rockies: 18.3%
White Sox: 14.7%
Cardinals: 8.3%
Angels: 6.1%
Mets: 4.3%
Pirates: 3.0%
Guardians: 2.0%
Tigers: 1.6%
Red Sox: 1.2%
Giants: 1.0%
Reds: 0.9%
Padres: 0.7%
Yankees: 0.6%
Cubs: 0.4%
Mariners: 0.2%

Teams in the lottery that don’t get one of the first six picks will select in reverse order of the standings for picks 7-18.

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