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Kevin Seitzer named Baseball America’s 2023 MLB Coach of the Year

A well-deserved honor for Atlanta’s long time hitting coach.

Milwaukee Brewers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/Getty Images

Though the lack of the success in the postseason has (rightfully so) been discussed more than recent success in the regular season, a fun theme of this offseason is the many awards and nominations several Braves have and could still earn from their historic offensive production in 2023.

But along with the players, what about the person who directly works with the team to always keep the offense at an elite level?

He also is earning some much deserved recognition as well.

Kevin Seitzer has been with the Braves since 2015, and over that time, has played a critical role in developing the foundation of the Braves recent past, current, and future success: offense. At the end of last decade, Seitzer helped in the development of many of Atlanta’s current biggest contributors. At the start of this decade, he has been a critical component in the Braves offense reaching historic levels of production, the best of which (at least so far) was on display in 2023.

And the fun thing is that Seitzer has done it multiple ways. For one, players such as Ronald Acuna Jr., Ozzie Albies, Austin Riley, and Michael Harris II are all home grown talents who have become better than expected sources of significant to elite offense early in their careers. Their development and current success at such a young collective age is why the future is so bright for the Braves.

Along with the development of home grown talent, Seitzer has also made the most of external additions. Seitzer has consistently helped players reach higher levels of production in Atlanta than what they were doing in previous stops. He also has worked with plenty of additions over the years to reach new peaks of offensive production, including current Braves Orland Arcia, Sean Murphy, and Matt Olson. Seitzer has done an incredible job of making the Braves lineup arguably the deepest in baseball over the past few years.

As a result, though power and consistency, the Braves had one of the best offenses in MLB history in 2023. Atlanta tied the MLB record for most home runs in a single season with 307 long balls. Acuna Jr. won MVP, while Olson and Riley finished in the top seven of the voting. The Braves had the highest single-season slugging percentage by a team in decades, and many players had career seasons. It also was simply a ton of fun to watch.

These results make Seitzer a wonderful and well-deserving choice for Baseball America’s 2023 MLB Coach of the Year. It certainly has been an honor Seitzer has deserved for quite a while. And for Seitzer and the Braves, the hope is the there will be plenty more years of elite offensive production to come.

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