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Braves ‘Have not been eliminated from conversation’ regarding Shohei Ohtani, per report

As active as Atlanta has been, it seems they are keeping times on the biggest prize of the offseason.

Los Angeles Angels v Atlanta Braves Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The Braves have been among the most active teams in baseball so far this offseason, including potentially finding a long-term solution for their left field situation in Jarred Kelenic. But while the Braves have mainly made notable instead of truly significant moves so far, it seems they are keeping tabs on the biggest prize of the offseason.

This is not the first time Morosi has mentioned the Braves being connected to Shohei Ohtani this offseason. The main focus of that connection is Morosi’s report that the Braves consistent resume of recent winning, and the expectation that they are setup too do that for the foreseeable future, is intriguing to Ohtani’s camp, perhaps just as much as geography and other factors. For the Braves, the chance to add the best all-around player in the game is obviously very attractive.

The specific level of interest mentioned by Morosi is that the Braves “have had talks with” and currently “have not been eliminated from the conversation” in regards to Ohtani. In terms of likelihood, Morosi even suggests the Braves have the same chance as the Cubs, Blue Jays, etc., which are likely significantly behind the Dodgers, the perceived favorite for Ohtani. This suggests the Braves are at least maintaining interest in Japanese superstar.

However, as exciting as this speculation is, logic continues to suggest that Atlanta is highly unlikely to be a legitimate option for Ohtani. While many factors may be in play for where Ohtani ultimately lands, money likely remains the most significant. And if reports are accurate that some offers for Ohtani are already exceeding $500M, it seems very unlikely Atlanta would be in play for that amount of long-term commitment.

If nothing more, Atlanta remaining in the picture for Ohtani could simply be due diligence. The Braves remaining in play could mean the price for Ohtani only goes up for other teams. And while no outcome can every truly be counted out when it comes to Alex Anthopoulos, it seems the chances of Ohtani winding up in Atlanta remains very low in reality.

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