Has Grissom already started implementing the "Braves' Swing Harder Powerpoint?"

A thread earlier today led me into digging into Grissom's AAA Statcast data. has his full season numbers, which don't exactly look inspiring:

  • 88.2 MPH average EV
  • 37.5% HH%
  • 5.1% Barrel%
It took some digging thru Gwinnett's Gamefeed data on Savant, but there seems to be a pretty significant turning point right around the All Star break. Here's his pre-ASB & post-ASB AAA splits.

  • 87.3 MPH average EV
  • 35.8% HH%
  • 3.5% Barrel%
  • 89.7 MPH average EV
  • 40.3% HH%
  • 7.3% Barrel%
In addition to the Statcast numbers increasing as seen above, there's also the fact that his Walk% & K% both increased, as did his ISO:
  • Walk% was 10.6%, is 14.1%
  • K% was 13.0%, is 15.8%
  • ISO was .146, is .213
S/t the increasing Statcast numbers, these numbers also hint at a potentially altered approach in which he's both swinging & missing more (the K% increasing), but also being more selective to predominantly swing at pitches that can be hit hard (the increasing Walk%).

I was looking for a way to compare those numbers to the average MLB middle IF or SS or 2B. I haven't figured out a way of doing that. So, instead I'll compare these against just our SS & 2B in the post-ASB MLB samples (so, I am comparing AAA & MLB numbers here, so please keep that in mind):
  • Grissom's average EV (89.7) was higher than the MLB average of both Albies (88.4) & Arcia (88.0)
  • Grissom's HH% (40.3%) was squarely between that of Albies (40.8%) & Arcia (40.1%)
  • Grissom's Barrel% (7.3%) wasn't far behind that of Albies (7.9%) & Arcia (7.7%).
  • Grissom's Walk% (14.1%) was significantly higher than that of both Albies (7.1%) & Arcia (7.8%)
  • Grissom's K% (15.8%) was lower than that of both Albies (17.8%) & Arcia (19.0%)
  • Grissom's ISO (.213) was the exact same as Albies' (.213) & quite a bit higher than Arcia's (.181)
So, there might be reason to believe that Grissom's already in the process implementing the "Braves' Swing Harder Powerpoint." If he is, then does anyone else find the results thus far encouraging? Does this help anyone see the potential in him that just might be there? Maybe his last name isn't "Gruesome" after all.

I have to be honest, Grissom seems like almost a prime candidate for the "Braves' Swing Harder Powerpoint." He's already a guy w/ really good bat to ball skills. So, sacrifice some contact to gain some power. Could this be why AA hasn't yet traded him, when a lot of us thought the writing was on the wall & his days in the organization were numbered?

There's still the question of what position Grissom plays (I still think 2B s/b his MLB home, but not necessarily in place of Ozzie in ATL), but everything above indicates that his bat might just be viable, if he is in fact already showing what an adjusted approach could do for his offense.

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