Keith Law’s Top 20

I’d argue this is one of his poorest efforts and really goes against his usual upside preference. I nearly wonder if he merely did a rudimentary effort to rank a bunch of 35s.

Shuster at 1 and Shewmake at 5 are surprising aggressive selections for low ceiling players. No Nacho and no J15s but most positive surprise was flagging Kevin Kilpatrick.

I am definitely starting to cement my rankings as we go on and it would be Murphy at #1 unless we add Guanipa already in which case he is our top prospect imho.

So my top 10 is looking like:

1. Luis Guanipa, OF

2. Owen Murphy, SP - I think he can be Painter-lite in terms of breaking out this year. His BABIP events are excellent as are his BB/K history.

===== Big gap in my mind =====

3. JR Ritchie, SP

4. Spencer Schwellenbach, SP/RP

5. AJ Smith-Shawer, SP

6. Cole Phillips, SP

7. Nacho Alvarez, 3B

8. Jared Shuster, SP - He’ll be very frustrating if he’s your number one.

9. Diego Benitez, 3B

10. Adam Maier, SP/RP - No one is as high risk as he. His arm injury history is frightening.

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