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Play the Battery Power Bracket Challenge

Let’s pontificate on basketball until our brackets break or Sunday, whichever comes first

NCAA Basketball: Tulane at Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Like watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament? Do you enjoy winning an internet argument or contest? Do you like participating in a game that Ivan will somehow win having never watched bouncyhoops? (Not anymore — Ivan.) Have you watched a game this season? Or are you good at this and actually know the top teams’ strengths and weaknesses? Do you have an email address and 10 minutes?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then good news! The Battery Power Bracket Challenge has begun! Declare your superior knowledge or luck or any combination of the two by clicking here. We will be using the default ESPN rules to keep score. You have until tomorrow until 12:10pm to fill out a bracket. Please note your bracket name as “<username>’s bracket (“ABsinceWayBack’s bracket” in my case) for recognition.

NCAA Basketball: American Athletic Conference Tournament Championship - Memphis vs Houston Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t even know who I will pick to win it the tournament, but I’m starting to lean toward Houston for now. They have a lot going for them:

  • #1 most of the year in the AP Poll, the NET rankings, and Ken Pom
  • The Final Four is in Houston’s NRG Stadium this year
  • None of the CBS analysts are picking Houston to win their region (that’s likely a good thing)
  • Their mascot is a cat, so my wife will likely select them. She’s really lucky at this.

Is there a prize? Not really.

SBNation doesn’t like us “handing out prizes”. The winner will receive all the internet accolades and a ** wink wink ** email from me. I will declare a worst “good faith effort” bracket as well. So as long as you don’t have like Montana State or Auburn winning and actually try to score the most points, you qualify.

You literally have nothing to lose. You don’t have to be a Braves fan to play (but what are you doing with your life?) Please click and note your bracket name as “<username>’s bracket (“ABsinceWayBack’s bracket” in my case) to join.

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