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World Baseball Classic Final open thread

Team USA vs. Team Japan, for all the quadrennially-available marbles

2023 World Baseball Classic: Semifinal Team Mexico v. Team Japan Photo by Mary DeCicco/WBCI/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I don’t know how tonight’s WBC final will stack up against Japan’s epic comeback win against Mexico from last night. It seems improbable that it’ll be a game featuring similar excitement, but you never know.

The U.S. looked vulnerable at times earlier in this tournament, but beat Venezuela and then clobbered Cuba to vault itself into the championship game for a second straight WBC. Japan looked unstoppable, got sucker punched by Mexico, but then pulled off a thrillingly furious and furiously thrilling late-inning resurgence.

So, it all comes down to tonight, at 7pm ET. And after that, no more WBC for another four years. Then we just have a few odd Spring Training games that are even more of a formality at this point... and then, in slightly over a week, Opening Day for the 2023 season.

So, get the popcorn or whatever is an appropriate snack for a game featuring a trans-Pacific clash of baseball titans, and enjoy.

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