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Battery Power’s 2023 Guide to Truist Park

Whether you’re a newcomer to going to the ol’ ballgame or the ushers know you on a first-name basis, there’s something for everybody in this particular piece.

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Another year of baseball is underway and while the Atlanta Braves may be starting the season on the road, there’s still plenty to look forward to once the home team finally comes back to Truist Park at The Battery in Cobb County. While this particular piece may be aimed at people who might be going to the ballpark this season for the first time, maybe if you’re a veteran who’s been to 1000 games you can read this and either learn something new or (more likely) come up with anything I missed down in the comments section.

Let’s start with the main reason why this was such a controversial choice of location for the stadium and the surrounding area: Traffic. It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re in the Atlanta metro area and you’re planning on going to the Braves game, start your trip as early as you can because there will be traffic. There’s a reason why the games start at 7:20 instead of at around 7 o’clock like they did when they played near downtown Atlanta. Traffic is usually going to be pretty rough to deal with so either try to start your journey as early as you can or use your preferred ridesharing app option to get to The Battery.

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves

Once you’ve cleared the hurdle of actually making it to The Battery on a game day and you’ve got time to spare before the first pitch, then the world is your oyster at this point. If you want food, there’s plenty of options ranging from sitting down and savoring every bite or grabbing something to go. If you’ve got even more time, then there’s also plenty of options when it comes to doing a little bit of shopping as well.

Even if you don’t set foot into any of the establishments, there’s going to be the usual hustle-and-bustle and cacophony of anticipatory noise that surrounds a major league ballpark on any given game day. Unless you’re getting there super late, you’re guaranteed to run into one of the entertainment teams if you’re walking around in The Battery before the game. It’s a bit of a journey to actually get in the complex but once you’re in there, you’re golden.

It’s even better once you start getting into the actual ballpark, itself. Assuming you don’t spend some more time walking around to take a gander at the various statues that surround the stadium, getting into the stadium and finding your way to your seat is usually a smooth process. Once you’ve taken in the glorious view of a major league baseball diamond (especially with the new grass that has been put in for this upcoming season), that’s when the eventual next step in any game day experience comes into play — the concessions. While there’s your usual ballpark fare of hot dogs, popcorn, pizza, nachos, peanuts, Cracker Jack, and beer, it’s always fun to try something new whenever you head up to the stadium.

Truist Park’s got some new concession options that they’re excited for the fans to experience this year, as evidenced by this Twitter thread. Baseball Twitter accounts have figured out than an easy way to get some attention before the season starts is to show off the new food options and the ballpark didn’t disappoint with this thread.

The new featured options for this season include The Cleanup Burger, The Submarine Sandwich, The Georgia BLT, The Triple Play, The ‘Douille Dog and The Closer. In my personal opinion, my favorite serving when it comes to these newcomers is the Submarine Sandwich. Everything about it just looks incredibly appealing and it’s actually fun to imagine the crunch you’ll get from biting into that thing. Also it’s good that they can make this for a single serving so that you don’t have to end up like Homer Simpson from a while back.

I’ll give it a good home.
Lauren Hubbard / Atlanta Braves

If you’re the type to wander around, then one place I can’t recommend enough is the Monument Garden in the lower level. It’s basically a dream for history buffs as you can literally walk through the franchise’s jersey history, get a pretty close look at the major trophies that the Braves have won since moving to Atlanta and also get an extremely close look at the beautiful statue of Henry Aaron clubbing that famous 715th home run of his.

My only suggestion would be to figure out a way to give the local Native American tribes some more representation in the Garden. The display that’s currently on one of the walls is nice to read but it would be even cooler to see more information about the culture and also some further information on the history and culture that they’ve had going on. Other than that suggestion, it’s definitely a place that every Braves fan has to visit if they ever take a trip to Truist Park.

MLB: JAN 24 Hank Aaron Tributes Photo by David John Griffin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Once the game’s over and the Braves have won one of what should be many games that they’re going to win this season, the good news is that you don’t have to go far if you want to enjoy some post-game fun as well. Again, you walk out of the ballpark and The Battery’s right there in all of its glory. Most of the options you had before walking into the ballpark should still be there when you’re walking out, so you can really make a full day out of visiting Truist Park and the surrounding areas if you’re there for game day.

This guide of sorts hardly does the game day experience its true justice, so the best advice I can give you is to actually go and experience it for yourself. This is one of the top ballpark experiences that you will get in baseball and we’ve only scratched the surface with what you’ve read here.

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