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Brian Snitker on Travis d’Arnaud’s injury, Michael Harris update

News and notes from Brian Snitker’s pregame session Sunday.

Tampa Bay Rays v Atlanta Braves Photo by George Kubas/Diamond Images via Getty Images

ATLANTA - The injury bug continues to bite the Atlanta Braves hard through the early part of the 2023 season. Travis d’Arnaud was the latest starter to go down after a collision at home plate in Saturday’s loss to the San Diego Padres. The Braves placed d’Arnaud on the 7-day concussion list Sunday and Brian Snitker didn’t have any updates.

“He’s sore, a little fuzzy this morning. I haven’t seen him,” Snitker said when asked about d’Arnaud. “I meant to stop in there on my way in here, just to see because he’s coming in later to be evaluated again. George just talked to him this morning.”

“It’s something you don’t want to mess around with. I mean, when you start bruising your brain, it’s just, something that’s very concerning, especially for somebody that’s had it before. So we’ll keep a good eye on him.

d’Arnaud was involved in a couple of plays at the plate Saturday night. He initially stayed in the game, but later exited. Pirates star Oneil Cruz suffered a broken ankle in a collision at the plate Sunday. Major League Baseball has put in a number of rules to try and protect players, but it is inevitable that sometimes collisions will happen.

“There’s still danger there. I mean, this is a rough game when you got guys flying around and all that,” Snitker said. “I watched it again a couple times from last night and it’s just kind of a weird, there’s going be weird plays. There’s going to be things and you don’t like to see that happen or anything, but it’s just part of it.”

The Braves came into the season talking a lot about their depth, but that depth is getting put to the test now due to a rash of injuries. In addition to d’Arnaud, they are without Michael Harris, Max Fried, Kyle Wright, Raisel Iglesias and Collin McHugh.

“It’s starting to get thinned out now. We tested that more than we wanted,” Snitker said of the team’s depth. “But you know what? That’s part of it here. Everybody deals with it, nobody’s insulated from it. It’s just one of those things you have to handle. I feel good that we’re going to get them back soon. We’ll take care of it right now and then get them back for the long haul.”

Michael Harris update

Harris was placed on the 10-day injured list with a back strain prior to Saturday’s game against San Diego. Snitker said that he is feeling better and heading in the right direction

“He’s coming along good. It’s probably one of those things where he feels better, but he wouldn’t be playing yet,” Snitker said of Harris. “He’s doing the exercises and everything, and it’s all going in the right direction with him. There’s no lingering things right now. It’s where they want him to be at this point.”

Chadwick Tromp back in the big leagues

Chadwick Tromp was recalled to take d’Arnaud’s spot on the active roster. Tromp appeared in one game for the Braves and had three hits, but suffered a quad injury that put him on the shelf. He took part in the World Baseball Classic for the Netherlands and put up a good showing going 4-for-14 at the plate, including a home run. Snitker said that he drew rave reviews from the Netherlands coaching staff.

“I think it’s a great experience for him. I received texts from Hensley Meulens during that, and they were very pleased with how he handled himself. I thought he did a great job when he came up here in a short time last year. It’s good we have that kind of depth in our system that we can call on him. A guy that’s experienced and been up here. It’s a guy that you kind of know what you’re getting. He can perform here and compete here.

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