Did AA do a disservice to the Braves, Dodd and Schuster?

Dodd and Schuster both came into this year with at least 1 year before needing to be added to the 40-man roster. AA pulled the trigger and added both to the 40-man and had them starting in the first week. Things have not really worked out for either of them. The club also looks hesitant to bring them to the majors. I am wondering if it would have been more beneficial if we have added 2 low priced vets and had kept Dodd and Schuster in AAA all year. Veterans may not have worked out any better but it would not have taken a year or 2 off team control of 2 prospects. I might be wrong about the team control thing though. I am pretty sure Schuster had 1 year left before he had to be added and Dodd had 2 years. The Braves would have had to add Veterans who had minor league options left because Dodd and Schuster were supposed to be in AAA as depth. That may have depleted the options of Vets but I am sure we could have found someone.

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