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Braves stick with same lineup for series opener against Tigers

Aside from the starting pitcher, the Braves are basically running it back from Sunday afternoon’s getaway game.

Atlanta Braves v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images

The lineups for tonight’s game between the Atlanta Braves and the Detroit Tigers have been revealed and I can already tell you that we aren’t going to see any major surprises when it comes to the team that we’re all here to see as fans. Still, everybody loves talking about lineups regardless so we’re still going to talk a little bit about it, then.

Here’s how the Braves will be lining up tonight in Detroit:

As I mentioned above, there are no changes from the lineup that was fielded on Sunday. Let’s talk real quick about Atlanta’s first inning success, though. They’re currently sitting on a 165 wRC+ as a team during the first inning of games. Not only is that leading baseball but it’s ahead of the Dodgers’ 153 wRC+ and the Rays’ 152 wRC+ by quite some margin. Atlanta’s team wRC+ through innings 2-9 actually goes down to 106 — that’s still a top-10 number in baseball (tied for seventh place with the Mets and Diamondbacks, to be exact) but the point is that you better tune in bright and early for this team.

Here’s how the Tigers are looking:

You have to get five-deep into Detroit’s lineup before we start seeing changes made from the lineup that they had on Sunday. From six to nine, there are new faces who weren’t in Detroit’s lineup for their loss to Arizona yesterday. Matt Vierling replaces Jake Marisnick as the starting center fielder while batting sixth, Zack Short has gotten the nod at second base and the seventh spot in the lineup, Andy Ibáñez is batting eighth and playing left field while Jake Rogers is batting ninth and replacing Eric Haase at catcher. Future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera will be starting tonight’s game on the bench, so there’s that.

Tonight’s contest starts at 6:40 PM E.T. and can be seen on Bally Sports South.

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