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Murphy back at catcher, but no other changes as Braves look to keep rolling

If it pulverized the Mets, why fix it?

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Other than inserting Sean Murphy bac into the lineup, would you change anything?

After tonight’s game starts, the Braves will have used this lineup in this order five times, which is the most among any lineup. This will also be the 13th time they’ve used this defensive arrangement in 63 games, by far their most common.

The Nationals, meanwhile, will line up like this:

Corey Dickerson is hitting seventh for the first time all season, though the other players aren’t in surprising spots. This will be the eighth time the Nationals use this starting nine at these positions — they’re actually 4-3 in those games so far despite a 25-36 overall record.

Here’s the Braves’ bats’ history against Josiah Gray:

Boy, those Matt Olson numbers are kind of silly in seven PAs. Sean Murphy is the only guy in this lineup that has never faced Gray. Of course, none of the Nationals have faced AJ Smith-Shawver at the major league level.

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