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Battery Power Podcast: Day Three Recap and MLB Draft Wrap Up

The mlb draft is done, and the crew is ready to talk about the overall thoughts from this class


For the final edition of this year’s special edition MLB draft recap shows, Shawn Coleman, Matt Powers, and Garrett Spain are on to talk about day three of the MLB Draft. The Atlanta Braves made 10 selections on day three and are now poised to sign all 21 of their draftees. On day three the Braves went all college players, selecting six position players and four pitchers.

The main topic covered today are the best names from the day three of the draft, especially the on-base proficient offensive players. Past that we give our thoughts on the draft as a whole and how it played out, as well as why the Braves have the specific strategies they do for this draft. With Hurston Waldrep at the top of the draft down to Will King in round 20, we have analysis of how the draft shaped out and how the Braves can develop talent going forward.

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