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Braves sign Hurston Waldrep, three of the top four 2023 Draft picks, per report

Braves managed to undersign Waldrep, which is very helpful

2023 NCAA Division I Baseball Championship Photo by Tyler Schank/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves haven’t delayed signing their draft picks in the last few years. They have signed three of their first four picks from Sunday’s MLB Draft according to Baseball America’s Carlos Collazo.

The Braves not only signed Hurston Waldrep, who was generally expected to sign at No. 15 or so, to an underslot deal at No. 24. Atlanta has another $270K+ to work with on for the rest of the class. The Braves also signed Cade Kuehler and Sabin Ceballos as well.

David Wells look-a-like pitcher Cade Kuehler was signed almost on the slot. Sabin Ceballos was slightly underslot by around 120K. So to summarize.

  • #24 pick Hurston Waldrep signed at $2,997,500 versus 3,270,500 slot
  • #70 pick Cade Kuehler signed at $1,045,000 versus 1,047,500 slot
  • #94 Sabin Ceballos signed at $597,500 versus $714,100 slot.

The minor league team will be able to break down the ramifications of today’s news, but it’s good, yes? Most expected Waldrep to sign an overslot deal, but instead signed for less. The sense is that the high school seniors might see a bump. Perhaps that money could be used to lock down 6-8 245 in high school pitcher Garrett Baumann. You know, just in case he wants to go to the SEC and be an edge rusher.

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