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Battery Power Podcast: 2023 MLB Draft Preview

We are days from the draft and the old band is back together to preview the draft.

Baseball: Perfect Game All-American Classic
Kevin McGonigle is one of a number of players who could go to the Braves in round one
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On this special edition of the Battery Power podcast we turn it over to look at the MLB draft, which is coming up on July 9th. Minor league editor Garrett Spain is hosting and is joined by Battery Power’s longtime draft expert Matt Powers as well as our old pal Eric Cole. With the draft a few days away we wanted to make sure our podcast listeners were taken care of and up to date on all of our draft thoughts. For more information on the draft you can also check out our draft primer.

The Braves hold the 24th pick in the draft, and that will be the one we focus on most heavily throughout the podcast. The draft is a bit hard to predict after that, but we covered our top names and predictions for round one along with a look at the rest of the day one picks. Beyond that we primarily focused on what the general strategy and depth of this draft looks like and try to parse what the Braves could be looking at going into days two and three of the draft. We appreciate you listening and reading and hope you are all ready for a wild weekend.

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