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2023 MLB Draft Roundtable: Who should the Braves take at 24

The Braves will have a number of options to go with around the 24th pick, and although we don’t know exactly who yet we each have our own opinions on the ideal outcome

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We are finally approaching the weekend of the MLB Draft, and the picture seems to be clearing up as to who the Atlanta Braves will have an opportunity to take at 24. In the final piece of our short roundtable I asked the guys who they would most for the Braves to draft at 24.

Knowing the options available, who is your ideal pick for the Braves at 24th and why?

Matt- In an ideal world Arjun Nimmala drops to 24 and becomes a Brave. It’s not something I expect to happen, but I also don’t think it’s a lock he’s gone before the 24th pick…more of a high probability that he’s gone than a certainty. If we’re getting more realistic, Matt Shaw from Maryland would be my choice. Another guy who is likely gone, but higher chance he is available than Nimmala. I don’t buy Shaw sticking at short long term, however I can see him absolutely being the guy the Braves wanted Braden Shewmake to be when they drafted him- a guy with a real feel for hitting, some athleticism, and defensive versatility. Finally if I had to pick a guy that I’m pretty sure will be there at 24, I’d say Charlee Soto is my choice. He’s the only pitcher expected to be available that I would be comfortable taking at 24, unless you consider legit two-way guy Bryce Eldridge to be a pitcher.

Brady — I said this in our preview for first basemen and I’ll say it here: I am a huge fan of Bryce Eldridge. I mean, the kid is an 18-year-old, 6’7 first baseman with excellent raw power and a pitcher who touches the mid to upper 90’s. What’s not to like? But where he goes is a mystery because it truly depends on if a team values him as a pitcher — which would probably cause him to go higher — or a hitter which would give the Braves more of a chance to scoop him up. Going with a guy like Eldridge certainly wouldn’t be anything new for Anthopoulos, as he took Michael Harris II which a lot of teams had pegged as a pitcher as opposed to a hitter and we see how that turned out. Other guys I’d be perfectly fine with the Braves taking at 24 include some of the more high-upside guys like Aiden Miller, Colt Emerson or Kevin McGonigle. Either way, I’m leaning position player over pitcher for Atlanta’s first selection.

Devin— Brady and Matt gave two great options in Arjun Nimmala and Bryce Eldridge. Outside of those two my ideal selection would be Aiden Miller in part because I think not for an injury to his hamate bone this season, he’s likely going in top 15 picks in this year’s class because of his upside. I love when teams target those falling players with Brady Singer, who despite struggling this season has offered the Royals great value, being one that comes to mind in recent memory. Where he would fit positionally for the Braves over the long term would certainly become an immediate question as he will be a corner infielder in the pro game. But, he is a high school talent meaning he’s years away from even reaching Triple-A, let alone the MLB and as I mentioned above, a lot can change over a few years. Take the best player on the board, who I think could be Miller, and worry about the rest later.

Garrett — There are so many prep bats that are right in the same talent range that it’s both hard to know who is going to fall to 24 and hard to be too upset if they take someone from the group. I like Aidan Miller as well and of the guys who have at least some chance to fall to 24 he is at the top of my board, but among the more realistic preferences for me are Colt Emerson and Charlee Soto. I love the athleticism for both and think Soto could develop well in Atlanta, but between the two I think Emerson would be my preference. A player with up-the-middle potential and a hit tool that exceptional would be an outstanding pickup for the Braves at 24 though it’s trending towards him not being available at that pick. It’s hard not to like what Emerson can bring to this system though there isn’t a huge gap in my mind between him and the guys behind him.

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