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Braves keep it classic for Game Two in Denver

Now that Ozzie Albies is back, the regular lineup returns to action

Atlanta Braves v Colorado Rockies Photo by Tyler Schank/Clarkson Creative/Getty Images

Ozzie Albies is back, a righty is back on the mound for the opposing team, Sean Murphy is starting a second game in a row, the usual:

Actually, that’s a lie. The Braves only began to drop their catchers in the lineup in earnest after Albies got hurt, so they’ve only used this lineup once before, and ended up losing 7-6 to the Mets. But, this is the usual starting nine, appearing for the 40th time in 131 games, as weird as that is to read.

For the Rockies, nothing is changing from yesterday:

Amazingly, the Rockies have used just one lineup three times and no other lineup more than twice this season, using 124 different lineups through 131 games so far. They’ve also used 114 different defensive arrangements, none more than four times. So, them using the same lineup on consecutive days is a real rarity, to put it lightly.

You might be somewhat surprised to see that most of this lineup has faced Morton before, but the Rockies did face Morton and the Braves in Atlanta in June, so it’s not that weird.

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