My Solution to the Division Winner Conundrum

It was mentioned during the broadcast today (G1 Phails vs Braves) and there was some commentary in the game thread about it as well. We know that there is almost no benefit, and honestly a bit of a detraction, to finishing in the top 2 of the best teams in the league. The long layoff has shown to be a problem as hot teams get to stay on their streaks, keep going and often upset higher seeds in the division series. To attempt to solve the lack of a real reward for winning your division and doing so better than the 3rd division winner, I have devised this solution to offer a suggestion how this can be corrected. Honestly, though, this may be a bit too much of an advantage and I don't see it ever being seriously considered. But it would be freaking hella fun to watch IMO.

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The Format:

Nothing changes with the way teams get in, number of teams, number of games. Everything exists as-is...12-team field with the top two getting first round byes and the 3rd division winner taking on the 3rd WC team, 1st and 2nd WC teams face off at the home site of the higher seed. The first change to this is that we no longer playing 3 straight days. There will be two off days (one from the end of the season to the start of the playoffs and one after game 2).

So far nothing really outlandish, just a bit of a tweak to the schedule. He'res where it's going to get a little nuts and give the top two teams their reward. Game 3, if necessary will NOT be played at the higher seed's stadium. The day off between games 2 and 3 are a travel day and the third WC game will be played at the site of the eventual DS opponent. So this year, as an example, the Phils and Cubs would come to Atlanta and the Brewers and Snakes would play in LA. That's bonus #1

Bonus #2 is that all the game 3 games are DAY games and are being played as part of a DH. The WC round will end and the DS will begin on the same day after the standard DH 3-hour break. You can have your Ace vs Ace G1 but it will be on short rest (4 days for the WC team) but your position players and BP will be taxed. You also don't get your home crowd cheering for you and this is your punishment even if you are the higher seed. You had a chance to sweep at your place, you didnt, now you have to play on the road in front of a hostile crowd.

The Reward:

So in this situation, the bye team gets one free game of concessions and all the benefits of hosting the game and the also get to play one game whereas the WC has to play 2. The also add an extra day of travel and they lose some of their BP for game 1. Also, since the WC and DS end and start on the same day, the bye team loses one rest day so instead of 6 days rest if the series goes 3, they only have to sit for 5 under this format. I was also thinking you could do an on-off day every other game in the WC round and keep the 6 days if you really wanted to do that but I think limiting the time off is better.


  • WC round format is Gm 1 and 2 on consecutive days, off day, Game 3
  • If necessary, G3 is played at the site of the division winner that will be the next opponent
  • Gm 3 is played as a DH on the same day the DS will begin

Proposed Schedule 2023:

Oct 3 -

Sea @ Min 12:00EST
Ari @ Mil 12:00EST
Tor @ TB 6:00EST
CHC @ Phi 6:00EST

Oct 4 -

Sea @ Min 6:00EST
Ari @ Mil 6:00EST
Tor @ TB 3:00EST
CHC @ Phi 3:00EST

Oct 6 -

Sea vs. Min @ Hou 4EST
Sea/Min @ Hou 9EST
Ari vs. Mil 6EST
Ari/Mil @ LAD 10EST
Tor vs. TB @ Bal 12EST
Tor/TB @ Bal 7EST
CHC vs. Phi 12EST

Anyway, I know this idea is going to get some backlash. I welcome it. I think this makes for an interesting solution and a good conversation topic. But it certainly penalizes a team for only getting into the playoffs via the WC route and really gives the best teams the best chance to move on.

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