Reliever Rosterbation

I figure Atlanta's lineup will be very much the same in 2024. The rotation will be the same or slightly different depending on Charlie Morton. So the bullpen looks to be the only BIG change for next year. Bullpen still on the roster this year: Iglesias, Minter, Yates, Johnson, Jimenez, Hand, Chavez, Tonkin, Stephens, Anderson, Hernandez, Lee, Matzek, McHugh, Heller Also on Minor league roster who has played in ATL this year. Seth Elledge, Danny Young, Lucas Luetge Pierce Johnson, Joe Jimenez, Jesse Chavez, and Ben Heller are free agents. Heller and Jackson Stephens might be available for arbitration but they have no more minor league options left. Colin McHugh and Kirby Yates have Club options. IMO McHugh will get his $1M dollar buyout. I would pick up Yates's $5.75M option. Brad Hand also has a Mutual option of $7M but I would not pick that up. Iglesias has 2 more years left at $16M Minter has 1 more year of Arbitration and has a nice boost of his $4.3M Tonkin will be going into his first year of Arbitration. Nick Anderson has 2 more years of Arbitration left. Daysbel Hernandez was only added to the 40man a year ago and I have great hopes for his future. Dylan Lee is Pre- Arbitration Tyler Matzake should be back at some point next year and is under contract for 1 more year with and option for 2025. Anderson, Hernandez, Minter and Dylan Lee are the only ones with minor league options left. Minter will never use his. So IMO Iglesias, Minter, Tonkin, and eventually Matzak are the only guaranteed bullpen spots. I was looking through the projected free agent list. Here is a link to all potential bullpen free agents. I particularly like: Michael Fulmer has a 4.42 ERA but he is in a down year (maybe makes him cheaper). He throws a lot of strikes. Wandy Peralta is a lefty that also might be less expensive. Who do you like?

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