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Daily Hammer: Preseason Projections and Player Rankings show Braves are best in Baseball

Even in February, the Braves are clearly the best team in baseball.

Braves Fest Photo by Matthew Grimes Jr./Atlanta Braves

Every offseason in baseball, once late January and early February arrives, it is about lists and projections.

Best prospects in baseball, best players in baseball, statistical leaders in baseball, projected records in baseball.

And while only so much value can be applied to these rankings and projections, if each of them consistently point to the same results regarding a team, it seems relevant as a way to project how that team will do in the upcoming season.

And for the Braves and 2024, all these projections and rankings point to one thing:

The Braves are the best team in baseball.

Shawn Coleman discusses the PECOTA Projections of Baseball Prospectus and the Playoff odds of FanGraphs along with the top 100 player rankings to show the overwhelming positive many have of the Braves in 2024.

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