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2022: Braves in memoriam

A remembrance of former Braves who passed in 2022.

Braves Season in Review: William Contreras

William Contreras gained a new moniker and an All-Star selection while having a breakout season in 2022.

Braves season in review: Manny Piña

Manny Piña’s pre-lock-out signing, and early-season injury, impacted the future of two of Atlanta’s top prospects.

Being thankful for the Braves and life in 2022

The Braves had an exciting season that unfortunately ended too soon. A lot went on outside of baseball that wasn’t the best but there is still a lot to be thankful for with the Braves and life itself.

Braves season in review: Luke Jackson

It was a lost season for the Braves’ friendly neighborhood sliderman, as UCL surgery ended right-handed reliever Luke Jackson’s season before it began.

2022 Braves player review: Jesse Chavez

Jesse Chavez followed-up a strong 2021 season with an far-ranging campaign that saw him traded twice and claimed on waivers once culminating in two separate stints with Atlanta while playing with three organizations during the 2022 season.

Braves season in review: Rylan Bannon

Rylan Bannon appeared in only one game for Atlanta in September after the infielder made his MLB debut earlier in the season with Baltimore.

The best Braves starting pitchers since 1990

Where do Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz rank amongst the best starting pitchers in the rich history of the Braves organization? And what other pitchers left a significant mark on Atlanta during the last three decades?

The Braves’ 2022 season is over, but all is not lost

Despite how this season ended, there is hope. And that is reason enough to mourn for a few days, then move on, and look forward to next season.

The Atlanta Braves 2022 NL East title continues to build on a legacy of consistency

In the past 32 seasons, Atlanta’s regular season has ended in the nicest way possible: by going to the playoffs