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Creator/Host of Braves Dugout podcast. Researcher of all things MLB statistics. Have contributed to sites such as Tomahawk Take, FanSided MLB, SportsTalkATL, and now Battery Power. While not writing, a Cyber Security analyst by trade, as well as an adjunct professor in Information Technology. Masters Degree in Cyber Security Management, and Bachelors in Technology Management.

Twitter: @speeblessports

Braves Dugout podcast:

A look back at Craig Kimbrel’s dominance as the Atlanta Braves closer

During his time with the Braves, Kimbrel had one of (if not the) best five year stretches of all time

What is wrong with A.J. Minter?

There is no denying that Minter is struggling. Is there a clear cut cause and effect?

Is Michael Harris II experiencing a sophomore slump?

Michael Harris is struggling at the plate. What is causing this drop-off?

The Unique Case Of Michael Tonkin

Michael Tonkin is having success in a way that not many pitchers execute.

What is going on with Austin Riley?

Austin Riley is struggling. Let’s break down why.

Checking in on the Sean Murphy trade

There is still plenty of time for the outcomes of this off-season’s biggest trade. But, let’s check in and see how the players are doing.

Breaking Down Ozzie Albies’ Season thus far

Ozzie Albies has had some bad luck. Can he turn it around?

Braves Players Who Could See An Improvement Soon

There have been some players on the Atlanta Braves who have seemingly underperformed. However, their metrics say they could see improvements soon.

Exploring the Atlanta Braves lineup structure

There have been some interesting lineups this year. Let’s explore lineup optimization.

Does Michael Harris’ projections make sense?

Harris’ projections show him cooling off in his sophomore campaign. Do they hold weight?