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Scott Coleman has been writing about the Atlanta Braves since 2010 and joined the Battery Power podcast network as a co-host in 2017. Like so many others, Scott formed a bond with the Braves while on TBS in the 1990s and has followed the team ever since. He is on Twitter: @scottcoleman55

2024 MLB Season Preview: Arizona Diamondbacks

The surprising NL champs look to take another big step in 2024.

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Braves acquire outfielder J.P. Martinez from Rangers

Martinez will battle for the 4th outfielder job this spring.

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2023 Braves Season in Review: Austin Riley

The best third baseman in Major League Baseball? Maybe!

2023 Braves Season in Review: Ozzie Albies

A career year in terms of offensive output drove Albies to his highest fWAR total since 2019 — but what’s up with his defense?

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2023 Atlanta Braves Season in Review: Pierce Johnson

A midseason acquisition became an eventual a fixture in Atlanta’s bullpen for years to come.