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My name is Shawn Coleman. I am an avid sports fan, and typically stick to Tennessee when it comes to being tortured through the trials of fan hood. However, when it comes to baseball, I am a life-long die-hard Braves fan, and enjoy sharing my opinions via the blog and the Daily Hammer. Some my be right, some may be wrong, but the all come the heart as a proud member of Braves country. I also do writing and podcasting covering the Memphis Grizzlies over at fellow SB Nation site Grizzlies Bear Blues.

Braves News: MLB reinstates John Coppolella, Luke Jackson signs with Giants, more

Monday was a day headlined by news concerning former Braves on and off the field.

Braves News: Atlanta’s approach to player acquisition, more

The "stealth and silence" approach of Atlanta in signings and trades is strategic.

Daily Hammer Podcast: Vaughn Grissom’s Versatility is Valuable

Now 22, Vaughn Grissom could provide plenty of value in several ways for Atlanta.

Daily Hammer Podcast: Andruw Jones and the 2023 Hall Of Fame Class

Though Andruw Jones may not be elected this year, he continues to make notable progress to one day find his way in Cooperstown.

Braves News: Lucas Luetge discusses time with Yankees, more

The Braves newest reliever spent a few minutes discussing how he has found success over the past few years.

Braves News: Home Stretch of 2023 Hall of Fame Voting, more

The 2023 Hall of Fame class will be announced in just over three weeks.

Daily Hammer Podcast: Braves Acquire Lucas Luetge and Eli White

The 40-Man roster musical chairs continue for the Braves.

Emergency Podcast: Braves Agree to Extension with Sean Murphy

Another extension may be the most suitable way for the Braves to end the 2022 season.

Braves, Sean Murphy agree to Six Year Extension

Just a few weeks after acquiring Sean Murphy, the Braves made sure he would be in Atlanta for years to come.

Braves News: Atlanta Brings Back Jackson Stephens, More

Atlanta welcomes Stephens back as another depth signing to complete their 40 man roster.