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Baseball Cards & Memorabilia

Re-entering the Hobby: Previewing 2019 Bowman Baseball

A new, fairly important set releases tomorrow. Here are my initial thoughts that we will look back on later and laugh at.

Re-entering the Hobby: Acuna subscriber giveaway, collection update, and a look at some new releases

In this update, I show off some recent additions to the collection and take a look at some of the more recent releases to come out

Re-entering the Hobby: Reviewing 2019 Donruss and it’s Acuna GIVEAWAY time

I take a look at 2019 Panini Donruss which was released recently. Also, it is time to giveaway some sweet cards.

Re-entering the Hobby: Getting insanely lucky and solving the Acuna problem

I continue my foray into baseball card collecting with some tips I have learned along the way that may or may not be correct as well as ways I have found to solve the problem of collecting Ronald Acuna....well....anything.

Re-entering the hobby: My quest to collect as many Braves cards as possible

Baseball card collecting as a hobby is not as omnipresent as it once was, but it is still a vibrant hobby that can be a lot of me, a very not-expert, am going to give it a try.

An inside look into Ronald Acuña’s exclusive memorabilia deal with Phil Dahling

Game-used items and how they become available to collectors.

Braves Hobby Hot or Not: Albies and Riley On the Rise

Which Braves cards are hot and who can you buy for cheap?

Bowman Release Day for Cristian Pache

Bowman Baseball is out today with brand new Pache and Wentz prospect autographs.

The Freeze now has his own baseball card

And you can even get it signed at the ballpark

The evolution of Ronald Acuna’s autograph over the past year

He isn’t alone, other players have resorted to a shortened signature.

Acuna’s rise and the baseball card market

Acuña rookie autographs are selling for how much??

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