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Baseball Hall of Fame

Reevaluating the Hall of Fame merits of Julio Franco

Franco’s professional career included three seasons at the highest level in Japan and South Korea, adding credence to his Hall of Fame worthiness.

Fred McGriff will go in Hall of Fame with no logo on his cap

McGriff spent five years with the Braves.

Top 3 former Atlanta Braves not in the Hall of Fame

Should these three former Braves received more love from HoF voters?

Scott Rolen elected to the Hall of Fame

Andruw Jones received 58.1 percent of the vote.

Hall of Fame announcement open thread

The results of this year’s Hall of Fame election will be announced Tuesday night at 6 p.m. ET

Braves Hall of Fame Profile: Billy Wagner

A look at the Hall of Fame case for former Braves Billy Wagner.

Braves Hall of Fame profile: Gary Sheffield

It used to be that 509 career home runs was enough for the Hall of Fame. Mitchell Report though.

Looking ahead to former Atlanta Braves likely to appear on upcoming Hall of Fame ballots

Future Hall of Fame elections cycles include some notable ex-Braves although the likelihood of their enshrinement isn’t promising.

Braves Hall of Fame profile: Andruw Jones

Does Andruw Jones have the profile that can get him enshrined in the Hall of Fame?

Braves Hall of Fame profile: Bronson Arroyo

Although he didn’t pitch for Atlanta due to injury - and only spent six weeks in the organization - he was a key part of the Braves mid-2010’s rebuild.

Hall of Fame profile: R.A. Dickey

The 2012 National League Cy Young Award winner pitched the final season of his 15-year career with Atlanta in 2017.

Please stop with the Hall of Fame voting

As we approach nine decades of a ridiculous system, it’s really unclear why it persists

Fred McGriff: ‘This is a dream right now’

Fred McGriff met with the media Monday in San Diego to discuss his election to the Hall of Fame

Fred McGriff elected to Hall of Fame

McGriff will be inducted this summer in Cooperstown.

Andruw Jones entering sixth year on Hall of Fame ballot

Jones received 41 percent of the vote last season and needs to reach 75 percent to gain induction

Fred McGriff, Dale Murphy on Contemporary Baseball Era Ballot for Hall of Fame

Voting will take place December 4 at the Winter Meetings

Carlos Beltran will headline newcomers to 2023 Hall of Fame ballot

The thinning of the ballot could be good news for guys like Scott Rolen and Andruw Jones

David Ortiz elected to the Hall of Fame by BBWAA

Andruw Jones captured 41.1% of the vote.

Hall of Fame Announcement open thread

Baseball’s Hall of Fame announcement comes today

BBWAA voting results will be revealed tonight at 6 p.m. ET

Hall of Fame Profile: Gary Sheffield

Gary Sheffield is one of the most feared right-handed hitters of all-time.

2022 Hall of Fame Profile: Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira was on a Hall of Fame track until injuries robbed him late in his career.

2022 Hall of Fame Profile: Tim Hudson

In his second year on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, Tim Hudson’s chances of appearing on the 2023 ballot are still in question, but his career is worthy of Hall of Fame consideration.

2022 Hall of Fame Profile: Andruw Jones

Andruw Jones has seen increased support in his fifth year on the ballot but will he make it to the 75% threshold?

2022 Hall of Fame Profile: Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner was only a Brave for one season, but his Hall of Fame candidacy is an intriguing one.

2022 Hall of Fame Profile: A.J. Pierzynski

Some people liked A.J. Pierzynski. A ton of people hated him. Was he Hall of Fame material, though? He’s got a better argument than you may think!

5 Atlanta Braves greats not in the Hall of Fame

2022 BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot released

This could be one of the most controversial ballots ever.

Baseball Hall of Fame Announcement open thread

The Daily Chop: Andruw Jones gaining Hall of Fame support

The Daily Chop: Will Freddie Freeman make the Hall of Fame?

There is work to do, but Freeman has time. Can he reach the Hall of Fame?

The 2021 MLB Hall of Fame ballot includes Andruw Jones and newcomer Tim Hudson

Braves fans have a couple of familiar faces to hope for on the 2021 Hall of Fame ballot.

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