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Battery Power Podcast Episode 338: Lockout madness stretches into March

MLB: NOV 05 Atlanta Braves World Series Championship Parade and Celebration Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The MLB lockout rolls along in March, with nearly 100 days since the onset of the work stoppage. Negotiations continue between the owners and the MLBPA but, to break through the silence, the Battery Power Podcast is back for Episode 338.

Brad Rowland and Scott Coleman join together to discuss the following:

  • Scott’s thoughts on the recent lockout talks, including the (mythical) deadline from the owner side and the current status
  • Rob Manfred remains a prominent villain
  • Money is the big issue at this stage
  • The 14-team playoff is a point of discussion, which is a thorough nightmare for those that value the regular season
  • Minor league camp is underway, and the majority of Atlanta’s top prospects are in the mix
  • Does a delayed start to the 2022 season actually benefit Atlanta through the prism of Ronald Acuña and Charlie Morton’s injury recoveries?
  • How good would Atlanta’s starting rotation be if the Braves weren’t allowed to sign or add any other depth?
  • Much, much more

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