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Battery Power Podcast Episode 401: Michael Soroka’s return and Memorial Day baseball

Milwaukee Brewers v Atlanta Braves Photo by Casey Sykes/Getty Images

Memorial Day weekend is here and the Battery Power Podcast is back for another run in late May. It was a challenging week for the Atlanta Braves but, as always, there is plenty to discuss around the NL East-leading ball club.

Brad Rowland is joined by Kris Willis, Battery Power’s managing editor, for Episode 401 and topics include the following:

  • The Braves lost a series to the Dodgers early in the week, but the finale went well in walk-off fashion
  • Marcell Ozuna turned into Babe Ruth in May and Atlanta’s bullpen regressed heavily
  • There was an offensive outage on Saturday, on an afternoon when run prevention was actually quite strong
  • Sunday night was much better for Atlanta, and it started with an explosive first inning
  • Michael Soroka is set to make his first appearance in a Major League game since 2020, and his arrival comes at a time when the Braves need rotation help
  • Bryce Elder continues to be a huge help to Atlanta’s banged-up rotation
  • Looking ahead to the upcoming week, with matchups against Oakland and Arizona
  • Much, much more

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