OOTP review?


The guys over at Out of the Park Developments said they were willing to give away copies to bloggers of the various baseball blogs the review. If gondee or royhobbs is interested, it could be a good way to get a free copy of the game and bring in some new readers.



Idk if anyone put this up here but I didn't see it. I know some people said they didn't want to customize a jersey for our wonder boy. You don't have to anymore. You can buy it made.

For those with MLB The Show


Just know I jealously hate you. But there is said to be all minor league rosters. You're welcome. ht-mccovey chronicles

Is Jason Heyward Hype All Too Much?


A reminder that sometimes it is wise to reel in one's expectations, and a reassurance that this young man can handle as many of them as you care to pile on.

Youngest Minor Leaguers Per Level


Baseball America did a nice little blog on the youngest Minor Leaguers by level. Pretty interesting stuff, as a handful of Young Braves make the list and I now feel old as I'm almost exactly 4 years older than Freddie Freeman.

Some old guys rule!


Well, at least Glaus has taken the heat off McLouth. At this rate, it will be "Hello, Mr. Freeman" pretty soon. Sorry. Can't inflate the Automatic Pilot just yet.

"J-Hey mania is unrelenting and unbelievable"


SBNation's "Fanhouse" article considers whether the hype is just too much.

The Giants left their proofreading in "San Francicso"


In Wednesday night's game, Giants outfielder Eugenio Velez had the following letters plastered across the front of his jersey: S-A-N F-R-A-N-C-I-C-S-O That's right folks, the Giants are the new Natinals. And not a moment too soon, because their next series is against the Braves. Lets hope the Giants play just as well as they spell.

Braves Sign Alex Romero to minor league deal


Braves sign Alex Romero to minor league deal. He tore it up in AAA for Arizona last year.. says he will start the year with our AA club..